Some of Our Used Instruments

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These are just some of our current inventory. 

We get instruments almost daily and few of them make it to the website.  So give us a Call.


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Partial Inventory

Admira Paloma Oregon Pine - Excellent $300 view
Alverez AC460 Cedar Top - Excellent $335 view
Alverez 70's 5001  - Excellent $335 view
Garcia 70's Very Good to Excellent $425 view
Ibanez 70's Model 365  - Excellent $300 view
Hohner 76 - 77 Les Paul Custom (law suit) very nice 


Acoustic Guitars    
Child's Pink Barbie $20 view
Delta  $40 view
Ebigonline Sky Acoustic $19 view
Disney Hannah Montana $48 view
First Act's Acoustic 222 $38 view
First Act Adam Levine  $45 view
First Act Student  $35 view
Jay Li  $35 view
Kona Black  $75 view
Maestro  $65 view
Medeira 70's Acoustic by Guild $300 view
Montana Acoustic MT1065  $90 view
No Name Acoustic  $25 view
Playmate V Student  $40 view
Recording King ROH-05 - New $155 view
Samick D4-CE Ac/Elec - Like New $255 view
Seagull G6 Ac/Elec & Case - Very Good $450 view
Spectrum Student $65 view
Yamaha F?     
Classical Guitars   Return to Top
Lucida LK-2 - never used $65 view
Lucida LG 510 1/2 size - Like New $65 view
Yamaha 231 - Very Good $220 view
Electric Guitars   Return to Top
Burwood Youth Size Red Electric $19 view
Dixon DC, 3pu red $130 view
Fender Strat Squier Standard, green, very nice $160 view
Fender Strat Squier Affinity $95 view
First Act Clack Star Copy $55 view
First Act ME5001 Blue $65 view
Key 335 copy - like New $435 view
Kay Tele, Vintage. 1pu, red $160 view
SK Lap Steel & Case $220 view
Sky 1/2 size Electric Guitar $45 view
Shredder 1/2 size Mini Strat Copy $45 view
BeBop 1/2 size Blue Electric Guitar  $50 view
Youth 1/2 size Iridescent Electric Guitar  $50 view
Bass Guitars   Return to Top
Assassin Electric  $95 view
Memphis Electic $95 view
Silvertone Electric $95 view
Band Instruments   Return to Top
Erich Pfretzchner, International Strings' Violin & Case $135 view
Frank Treller 4/4 Violin With Bow & Case $110 view
Henkin Clarinet With Case $135 view  view
Suzuki Violin with Bow & Case  $135 view
Vintage Pan American Trumpet & Case  $75 view
Vintage King Trombone  $120 view
Vintage Olds Ambassador Trombone & Case  $120 view
Amplifiers   Return to Top
Epoch Guitar $30 view
Fender Frontman 15G $40 view
Fender Frontman Amp 38W $32 view
Silvertone Smart IIIs Guitar $32 view
Squier Sidekick $35 view
Ukes, Mandolins, Banjos, Autoharps   Return to Top
Vintage Harmony Uke $25 view
Autoharp $65 view
Autoharp $95 view
Keyboards   Return to Top
Roll A Piano 37K Portable Electronic Keyboard  $16 view  view
Casio CTK-150 Electric Keyboard  $20 view
Optimus Concertmate-690 Electric Keyboard $20 view
Miscellaneous   Return to Top
On-Stage Stands Folding Metal Keyboard Stand  $40 view  view  view
Vintage deJAY Portable Turntable (New Needle) $45 view
Epiphone Dreadnaugt Hard Case $55 view
Ibenez Strat Hard Case $45 view
Les Paul Hard Case $55 view
Classical Hard Case $55 view
Conga Drum $120 view
Pulse Jr Drum Set $80 view
Several other cases & gig bags